Trumpet player & composer


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* Tribute To Miles                

* Play Gainsbourg


·        He began to practice trumpet at ten and he studies trumpet with  French classical star trumpeter Guy Touvron.

·       He was a student in Sorbonne university in Paris and he was the first french student to  write a these in musicology about jazz music.

·         He created a jazz department in the conservatory of music of Romans and conduct  a big band which the piano player is Michel Petrucciani. Clark Terry, Sonny Stitt, Lee Konitz, Martial Solal performed with this band from 1976 to 1983.

·          During the seventies, he performed with his quartet and invited a lot of major French musicians to play with him: Daniel Humair; Henri Texier; Michel Portal; Aldo Romano; etc….he  got an African tour  and a new record about free music in 1981. In 1979, he was member of an brodcasting Européen big band for performances in north of the Europe.

·          From 1984 to 1990 he left  French jazz scene to work for French government.

·          He recorded the first CD for “label bleu”  Rominus with a new quartet which feature Didier lockwood in 1990.

·          He  worked on Serge Gainsbourg ‘s music (who was a fench pop singer) from 1992 to 1995. He performed in several jazz fest: Montreux; Nice; Paris; Varsovie; La Nouvelle Orléans; Newport in Saratoga; Montréal ; Toronto; Rome; etc…he recorded a CD for Warner music: Alain Brunet plays  Gainsbourg

·          He got an American and Canadian tour in 1995 and recorded a CD in L.A. about French songs: French melodies in L.A

·       He performed as a soloist with classical formations: Orchestre de l’opéra de       Marseille; Sinfonietta de chambord ; Camerata de France.

·         He was honoured by François Reichenbach’s pictural portrait and he led with Eve Ruggieri several “musiques au Coeur”, famous  French TV show dedicated to jazz ( Antenne 2 1992- 1994)

·       Since 1996, he has been a member of Prince Lawsha’s sextet, a US West Coast band which recorded two CD: Planetary Rhythms album, Oakland CA august 1997 and Sweet Mango album, Oakland CA may 1999 under Kenneth Nash’s direction

·         He played around the world in 1999: French Polynesia with the Lorient big band in April and with Prince Lawsha’s band in October. Manille ( French Spring in Manille) in June with Ugoy Ugoy band. California and New Caledonia in October and November with the Prince Lawsha band and the New Caledonia piano player, Bruno Zamchetta

·         In 2000, he created a new band “Alain Brunet the Didgeridoo Orchestra” with a didgeridoo’s player from south Pacific, Burk. He performed in Marciac jazz fest and several concerts in south of France. He was the first jazz musician invited by the famous classical Pablo Casals music fest (august) in Prades. In December, he played with the Romans symphonic orchestra and his quintet for a tribute to Charles Trenet.

·         In spring 2001, he performed on Moscou bohême jazz fest, Guadeloupe, Ile de La Réunion and French spring in Manilla (Philippines). In october he performed with Prince Lawsha’s band for a Europeen tour. He recorded two CD at the end of the year: one with  the didgeridoo orchestra and one about Charles Trénet’s music with his quintet and a string orchestra.

·         In 2002, he performs again in overseas island: Martinique, Guadeloupe and St Pierre et Miquelon. In summer, he was invited by “le festival de radio France et de Montpellier” for one concert with the didgeridoo orchestra broadcast on France Musique. In summer He also perform in different festival in south of France.

·         In 2003 a new CD is distributed: Alain Brunet and the didgeridoo orchestra Night and Day company; In may a other CD will be distribute: Alain Brunet and strings plays charles Trenet . In summer 2003, he performs in Téhéran with traditionnal Iranians musicians, in Toronto jazz fest, Marciac jazz fest, Porquerolles jazz fest and with Michel Legrand quintet in Le Meridien Paris. In December he got an Indian Ocean tour (La Réunion, Maurice) for four concert and workshops.

·         In 2004, he write and create a suite for symphonic orchestra, didgeridoo solo and jazz quintet (march 28,29 in Romans (Drôme) with Romans symphonic orchestra and the didgeridoo orchestra). In april he is in Egypt with Prince Lawsha band for six concerts and one on the Cairo opera. In June (16-26) he is invited by French embassy to perform for frencg music fest with three pakistanian musician in Islamabad and Lahore (Pakistan)

·         In September he has a French and Belgium tour (18 concerts) with his quintet for release of CD Alain Brunet  Swingin’ Trenet (Cristal records/Harmonia Mundi) which associate his quintet with a chamber orchestra.

·         In May 2005 he has a Californian and Polynesian tour with Prince Lawsha band. In June he performs with French pianist and composer Michel Legrand in Russia (Moscow and St Petersburg). In August, he is invited as a solist by Paris jazz big band at Festival of Marciac which is the biggest jazz fest in France. In December he is invited by Rob Wallace to perform in university of Santa Barbara ( California)

·         In March 2006 he has a french tour (14 concerts) for released of CD Alain Brunet Didgeridoo project (Cristal records/abeille). He created in Le Perthus on the boarder French/Spain a musical poem about 1936 year which title is: 1936/Flowers and tears. In October he performs at La Rochelle jazz fest with his quintet (Charles Trenet’s music) and on Ile de La Reunion with a gospel choir.

·         In January 2007, he is invited by Prince Lawsha Californian singer to perform at a recording session in New York city with  Kenny Baron (piano), Charnette Moffette (bass), Kenny Washington (drums).

·         In May 2007, he is invited by Peru jazz, jazz quartet from Lima to perform for three concerts in Lima Peru; he performed in summer with Charito philippinos singer who lives in Tokyo and recorded a CD with her and Michel Legrand about Michel Legrand’s songs. He also played 1936 Flowers and tears in France and performed Gainsbourg with his quintet in Berlin in September.

Black Trombone Black Trumpet                 Tribute to Miles                 Joue Gainsbourg